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Our mission is to help brands find content-market fit. Posted contests allow you to quickly scale organic content, without breaking your budget.

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How it Works

Scale Content, Save Budget

Generating fresh content ideas and managing creators can be challenging. With Posted, creators compete to craft the most viral content for your brand, hassle free.

Step One

Launch a Contest.

Build your brief, set your budget, establish contest rules, and select your target demographic. Then sit back and watch the content flow in. We handle everything from here.

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Step Two

Creators Post in Mass.

Creators will enter your contest and start posting based on your brief. You will discover eye-opening submissions that introduce fresh content ideas.

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Step Three

Analyze & Scale Top Performers.

Pay exclusively for the top performing content. Leverage the power of winning videos by scaling them with a fresh pool of creators and paid ad campaigns.

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Stop wasting time and get content in mass

Endless, fresh content for your brand

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Manage your content library

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Posts Overview

Comprehensive overview of all content submissions. View posts and compare analytics from your contests or opportunities.

Analyze & Optimize

Build your content library, identify top-performing posts, and leverage them for targeted paid promotions.
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Frequently asked questions

To post content opportunities or content contests on Posted, you can sign up as a brand partner on the platform. Once registered, you'll have access to tools that allow you to create and manage engaging opportunities for content creators.

Your brand can post a wide variety of content opportunities, such as sponsored content campaigns, brand collaborations, product launches, and creative contests. These opportunities provide a platform for creators to showcase their talents while promoting your brand.

Absolutely, Posted allows you to choose creators whose style and content align with your brand's values. This helps ensure that your collaborations are authentic and resonate with your target audience.

Compensation is streamlined on Posted. Brands set their budget and pay the platform. Posted handles content validation and ensures hassle-free payments to creators. Our platform simplifies the process, making it convenient and straightforward for brands.

Payments to creators are made according to the terms you specify for each opportunity. Once the creators have successfully fulfilled the requirements, payments are processed securely through the platform's payment system.

Yes, you can provide detailed guidelines for content creators to follow, ensuring that the content aligns with your brand's messaging and values. Clear instructions help creators produce content that meets your expectations.

Absolutely! To participate in a contest creators must post their content to their social media pages. As for solo opportunities, creators who are comfortable with sharing content on their social media can participate, while others can upload content exclusively on the platform.

For brands, there is a fee associated with posting premium opportunities or accessing certain features on the platform. Contact Posted's brand partnership team for more information about the pricing structure.

Posted provides analytics tools that allow you to track the performance of content created through your opportunities. You can measure engagement metrics, reach, and other relevant data to assess the success of your campaigns.

Yes, you can establish ongoing relationships with creators by offering recurring opportunities or partnerships. This helps build a consistent and recognizable presence for your brand across different campaigns.

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